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> Enterasys Networks, Inc., v. Foundry Networks, LLC et al.
- (Tutorial and Markman Hearing)
Boston, Massachusetts

> Chicago Bridge & Iron v. London Market Insurers Conroe, Texas

> Sun Microsystems, Inc. v. Electronic Services, Inc. et als. Boston, Massachusetts

> Alzheimer’s Institute of America, Inc. v. Pfizer, Inc.
- (Tutorial and Markman Hearing)
St. Louis, Missouri

> Cohesive Technologies, Inc. v. Waters Corporation Boston, Massachusetts

> Baxter Healthcare and DEKA v. Fresenius Oakland, California

> Stone & Webster Engineering Trust v. Llyods, et als. Boston, Massachusetts

> Marine Polymer v. HemCon Concord, New Hampshire

> Baker v. AstraZeneca New Brunswick, New Jersey

> Stimpson v. Ford Motor Company
- (Trial)
Bushnell, Florida

> Stimpson v. Ford Motor Company
- (Frye and Pre-Trial Hearings)
Bushnell, Florida